Senior Technical Officer and PhD post-graduate (Plant Production)

Christine Frisina

Type of Research / Topic:

  • IAD technology (DA meter), a non-destructive technique to assess fruit quality pre- and post-harvest

Currently Christine is working on a PhD project comparing stone fruit maturity, quality and volatile composition. The scope of this project is to measure and correlate stone fruit maturity with volatile emissions during fruit development, through harvesting and during postharvest storage and artificial ripening. The intent is find out what aromatic volatile compounds are escalated or reduced at the different stages of fruit development and how this impacts of fruit quality and market requirements. This program also encapsulates post-graduate research undertaken by Christine.

Relevant experience:

Over 25 years in Plant Production Sciences

  • postharvest physiology research on a multitude of temperate fruit and vegetables
  • research looking into the effects of storage technologies on fruit and vegetable quality
  • short and long-term storage effects on produce,
  • use of Controlled Atmosphere systems,
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging systems and 1-MCP technology.
  • non-destructive techniques to assess fruit quality pre- and post-harvest including NIR, and sound reflectance systems.
  • emerging technologies – Protected cropping of leafy vegetables using low water inputs; the vitalvegetables® project which focused on the high health secondary plant metabolites naturally occurring in vegetables and following these throughout postharvest handling, storage and packaging systems.
  • Premium Fruit - Stone fruit ripening, evaluating the use of IAD technology as an index of fruit maturity;
  • Pink Lady apple firmness and internal browning looking at the reasons for softening or browning during storage and transport/export of Pink Lady™ apples;
  • Lettuce best practice – focused on storage and handling;
  • Diversifying Asian Vegetables focused on Asian vegetables as an emerging area and the best practices for these vegetables;
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging technologies – testing systems, packaging and products

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