Stonefruit Research Roadshow August 2019

Stonefruit Research Roadshows are regional events for producers, highlighting research from the Stonefruit research orchard in Tatura and research from Agribiosciences, Bundoora. They are delivered by Agriculture Victoria, in partnership with Summerfruits Australia and local grower associations (Summerfruits SA, Swan Hill Summer Fruit Development Association, and Cobram & District Fruit Growers Association).  Future roadshow events will be listed below.  One national roadshow will be conducted.

Proposed 2019 - 2022 events  (topics & dates):

1August 2019
  • Harvest maturity impacting fruit quality
  • Irrigation management impacts fruit quality
  • Observations from monitoring export fruit: sea freight and airfreight
  • Stonefruit cultivar performance during export and predicting shelf life
  • New fruit quality monitoring technology
  • Industry Updates

13th August: Renmark - Renmark Hotel

14th August: Swan Hill -  Murray Downs Golf & Country Club, Murray Downs, NSW

15th August: Cobram - Grand Central Hotel, 36 Punt Road, Cobram, VIC

Start time at 7pm - all events

2August - September 2020

Summerfruit Industry Webinars: Managing Fruit Quality for export.

Four online events for producers and exporters:contains the latest research on supply chain innovation from Agriculture Victoria and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland.

The aim of this research is to increase the value and profitability of Australian horticultural exports by improving the ‘freshness, consistency and reputation’ of Australia’s horticulture exports into Asia.

  • 1st Webinar
Stone fruit cultivar performance during cool storage and predicting quality during export

John Lopresti, Researcher, Agriculture Victoria

Webinar video on info page:

or YouTube:

  • 2nd Webinar
Using real-time data loggers and dashboards

Glenn Hale, Researcher, Agriculture Victoria

Webinar video on info page:

(26 min, 15 sec)

or YouTube:

  • 3rd Webinar
Delayed cooling after harvest reduces storage disorders in white nectarine and peach

John Lopresti, Researcher, Agriculture Victoria

Webinar video on info page:

or YouTube:

  • 4th Webinar
Are the fruit on your trees really ready to pick?

Christine Frisina, Researcher, Agriculture Victoria

Webinar video on info page:

(40 min, 29 sec)

or YouTube:

 26 May 2021

Summerfruit Australia Ltd is involved with a number of specific R&D projects:

  • Deploying real-time sensors to meet Summerfruit export requirements (CRC Food Agility Project - range of partners)
  • Chemical use for export Summerfruit - educational resources (Summerfruit Australia Ltd/Agriculture Victoria)
  • Cobram Carpophilus R&D project (Summerfruit Australia Ltd, Cobram growers, Chemical companies).

Wednesday 26 May from 9:00am
- symposium at the Tatura Ballantyne Centre,
9 Hastie St, Tatura, Victoria 

- farm session at the Agriculture Victoria Tatura facility.

Full Program and registration

Trevor M Ranford
Chief Executive Officer
Summerfruit Australia Ltd.
Mobile: 0417 809 172

3August 2021
  • Update from Summerfruit CEO, Trevor Randford
  • Summerfruit rootstock research results, Dr Mark O’Connell Ag Vic (Could be irrigation – due to dry season TBC)
  • Supply Chain Innovation – ‘Impact of cultivar, step-wise cooling and temperature management on stone fruit quality during export’, John Lopresti Ag Vic
  • Supply Chain Innovation – ‘Deploying smart trackers to monitor stone fruit exports in real-time’, Glenn Hale Ag Vic

Regional roadshow to major growing regions within Victoria and South Australia

4Winter 2022

Topics to be confirmed

National roadshow to include VIC, SA and the more minor growing regions in WA, QLD and NSW.

Research from Previous Roadshows:
Stonefruit Researchers visit Riverland – Sunraysia – Goulburn Murray

Stonefruit Research Roadshow August 2017