Picture of Lanya Pears ANP-0118 (Lanya TM)

ANP-0118 (Lanya TM) maintains its crisp texture for 5 to 10 days after harvest but requires storage for  10 - 16 weeks at 0.5 – 1.0oC to improve sweetness and induce correct melting of the flesh, similar to Corella and Packham. It can be consumed either as a crisp or softened pear depending upon the consumers preference. ANP-0118 is harvested around the same time as WBC from late December  to mid-January, depending on the season. 0118 is prone to scald when stored for more than 20 weeks in air at -0.5oC, but stored well with minimal quality loss for 28 weeks at 0.5oC in Controlled Atmospheres of 1.5% O2/1.5% CO2.

Table 1. Ideal harvest quality indices for 0118 pears

Harvest DatesLast week December to mid- January; same as WBC
Sugar Range (o Brix)15 – 17
Starch (1-5 scale)3 – 5
Firmness Range (kgf)First harvest at @ 4.6 – 4.3 kgf; harvest for 7 days after first harvest. Fruit soften quickly in storage if harvested <3.0 kgf
Ideal DA Range1.2 – 1.0
Fruit size (g)100 – 150

Using the DA Meter to Estimate Harvest:

No ethylene has been measured in 0118 after harvest, so it is not possible to set harvest classes. There is a strong correlation (R2 = 0.87 in 2016), however, between firmness as measured by penetrometer (in kgf) and DA. Ideal harvest maturity is when DA reading is between 1.2 and 1.0, correlating with a firmness of 4.6 to 4.3 kgf (45 – 42N).