Picture of Deliza Pears on a branch ANP - 0131 (marketed as Ricō®)

ANP - 0131 (marketed as Ricō®, previously known as Deliza®) has a fine texture with no grit that can be eaten either firm or softened to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Background colour is greener than Lanya, and skin blush can range from 20 to 70% fruit coverage, which is highly dependent upon sun exposure. ANP-0131 stores well for up to 8 months in air at -0.5oC and 10 months under controlled atmosphere of 1.5% CO2/1.5% O2 when picked from 5.0 to 5.4kg firmness.

Table 1. Ideal harvest quality indices for ANP-0131 pears

HarvestMid-February – early March; same as Packhams
Sugar Range (o Brix)13 – 16
Starch (1-5 scale)2 – 3
Harvest Firmness Range (kgf)First harvest at @ 5.3 – 5.1kgf; harvest for 7 days after first harvest.
Harvest DA Range1.4 – 1.7; Ideal: 1.5 – 1.6
Fruit size (g)150 – 200

Using the DA Meter to Estimate Harvest:

No ethylene has been measured in ANP-0131 after harvest, so it is not possible to set harvest classes. There is a strong correlation (r2 = 0.65), however, between firmness as measured by penetrometer (in kgf) and DA. Ideal harvest maturity is when DA reading is between 1.5 and 1.6, correlating with a firmness of 5.3 – 5.1 kgf (52 – 50N).