To establish the blush pears in the market place it is critical that robust harvest and post-harvest protocols are developed to ensure top quality fruit is delivered to customers right from the start to ensure these pears gain a reputation as quality, tasty fruit.

New blush pear varieties

This project focuses postharvest ripening and storage performance of new blush pears developed by Agriculture Victoria and APFIP, including ANP-0118 (Lanya®), ANP-0131 (marketed as Ricō®, previously known as Deliza®) and ANP- 0534.



This project aims to establish optimum harvest and storage conditions and treatments, including CA (Controlled Atmosphere), ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen), 1-MCP (1-Methylcyclopropene) applications and post-storage conditioning, to ensure fruit consistently meet consumer expectations in these markets and here in Australia.

  • In order to meet likely Asian market requirements for crisp texture in ANP-0118 (Lanya®), storage conditions and treatments will be tested to work out when fruit becomes too soft.
  • Breeding line ANP-0534 will also be studied as it has performed exceptionally well in preliminary trials. Emphasis in ANP- 0534 trials will be on maintaining green background colour during storage and development of yellow background colour during marketing.


Post Harvest Storage Management Blush Pear Research talk August 2017

Fact Sheets

Predicting Blush Pear Harvest with the DA Meter:

These facts sheet contain information about ideal harvest quality indices such as Brix, starch, firmness, fruit size, and the ideal fruit maturity range based on the DA meter.

ANP-0118 (Lanya™) Pear

ANP-0131 (marketed as Ricō®, previously known as Deliza®) pear


These fact sheets contain storage information such as ideal temperature, controlled atmosphere, storage duration and disorders.

ANP-0118 (Lanya™) Pear Storage  

ANP-0131 (marketed as Ricō®, previously known as Deliza®) Pear Storage