A demonstration site has been developed at the Tatura Pear Field Laboratory using a cordon tree training system.

  • This demonstration uses a pear cultivar ANP-0534 grafted onto D6 rootstock.
  • The cordon leaders are spread at 40 centimetres apart.
Dr Ian Goodwin talks about the Cordon Tree Training demonstration, part of the Profitable Pears project at the Pear Field Laboratory in Tatura, Victoria.

Video discussion and demonstration

  • A look at trees trained to Cordon - 2016
  • Training trees to Cordon - 2014/2015
Cordon tree training systems on Open Tatura trellis

Dr Ian Goodwin discusses cordon tree training systems on Open Tatura trellis, 2016

Cordon Training Systems for Pear Trees

Cordon Tree Training for Pear Trees from the Pear Field Laboratory at Agriculture Victoria, Tatura. 2014 & 2015.

Time series Videos Cordon demonstrations

This project, AP12002 Profitable Pears: Maximising productivity and quality of new pear varieties, is funded by Agriculture Victoria with co-investment from Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the apple and pear levy and funds from the Australian Government