The Greater Sunraysia region is a major producer of table grapes, citrus, almonds, olives, summer fruit, wine grapes, vegetables and dried grapes.

  • 8,000 to 14,000 seasonal workers are needed for the table grape peak harvest.
  • 3,000 seasonal workers are needed for the citrus and summer fruit peak harvests.
  • 900 seasonal workers are needed for the arm and peak harvests.

Exports from the Greater Sunraysia region

The value of horticulture industries in Greater Sunraysia is $1.86 billion.  50% of Victoria's fruits, nuts and vegetables are grown in Greater Sunraysia.

  • Exports:
    • 97% of all Australian exported table grapes
    • 70% of all Australian exported almonds
    • 85% of all Australian exported summer fruit
    • 30%+ of all citrus
Map of State of Victoria highlighting Sunraysia horticulture region
Suyraysia harvest calendar

Greater Sunraysia locations

Google maps: Mildura, Nangiloc , RobinvaleBoundary BendNyahSwan Hill

Greater Sunraysia Harvest Calendar

- by crop: Demand for workers

Data on the horticulture industry in greater Sunraysia has been sourced from agriculture commodities, Australia, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2020.

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