ANP-0118 (Lanya™)

  • ANP-0118 is harvested around the same time as Williams’ Bon Chretien from late December to early February, depending on the season.
  • First harvest at a firmness of 4.6 – 4.3 kgf as measured by penetrometer;   harvest for 7 days after first harvest.  Fruit soften quickly in storage if harvested at < 3.0 kgf firmness.
  • There is a strong correlation between firmness and DA meter readings. Ideal harvest maturity is when DA reading is between 1.2 and 1.0, correlating with a firmness of 4.6 – 4.3 kgf (45 – 42N).
  • ANP-0118 requires storage for 10 to 16 weeks at - 0.5 – 0.5oC in controlled atmosphere (1.5% O2/1.5% CO2) to improve sweetness and induce correct melting of the flesh, similar to Corella and Packham.
  • It can be consumed either as a crisp or softened pear depending on the consumers preference.
  • ANP-0118 is prone to superficial scald when stored for more than 20 weeks in air at -0.5oC, but stored well with minimal quality loss for 28 weeks at 0.5oC in controlled atmosphere.

ANP-0131 (marketed as Ricō®, previously known as Deliza®)

  • ANP-0131 is best harvested at the same time as Packhams in late-January to early March.
  • First harvest at a firmness of 5.4 – 4.7 kgf as measured by penetrometer; harvest for 7 days after first harvest.
  • Poor correlation with DA meter readings; best to judge harvest time based on firmness.
  • ANP-0131 stores well for up to 8 months in air at -0.5oC and 10 months under controlled atmosphere of 1.5% CO2/1.5% O2 when picked at 4.7 – 5.4kg firmness.
  • No storage disorders were observed.

Optimising Harvest and Storage - Grower Presentation 17 August 2017 Download PDF in new window (Note: this document does not meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines)

Video lecture: Blush Pear Post Harvest Storage Management with Dr Rod Jones (28 min, 25 sec):

Blush Pear Post Harvest Storage Management with Dr Rod Jones

At a recent blush pear research event at Agriculture Victoria’s Blush Pear Field laboratory (Tatura), pear producers were provided with results from post harvest ripening and storage experiments conducted at Agribio, Bundoora.  These results provide producers with a clear understanding of how the fruit will behave especially as there is a major focus on exporting this fruit to Asia.