Attracting and retaining skilled people for management and skilled positions within fruit growing businesses is currently challenging . This is an opportunity to develop a consistent vision and strategy at industry level in order to regionally address the challenges being experienced in the horticultural fruit industry. Skilled workforce issue was highlighted as a concern in the Goulburn Murray and identified in the Goulburn Valley Fruit Growing Industry Roadmap (2015) as well as the Food Futures Goulburn Valley Cluster(2016).

A workshop was held at Tatura, Agriculture Victoria, 26th April 2017 to explore skilled workforce issues and determine steps to address.


  • Bring key industry stakeholders together to discuss skilled workforce development, planning issues and needs in the Goulburn Murray for the horticulture industry
  • Enable industry to explore potential actions through the sharing of experiences from others
  • Determine the industry vision to ensure there is a skilled workforce that meets the industry’s current and future needs in the region


Key Presentation:

Video: Understanding Skilled Workforce Issues in the Goulburn Murray Fruit Industry scoping study - 22.55 minutes

Panel discussion and insights into skilled workforce development:

Video: Queensland Agricultural Workforce Network (QAWN) overview and lessons learnt – Michelle Templin (Growcom) 10.50 minutes

Video: National horticultural workforce and engagement programs (Gradlink, Agribusiness Masterclass in Horticultural business, Horticulture Women in Leadership, Churchill Fellowship co-investment, PhD Program) – Sharyn Casey (Hort Innovation) 7.13 minutes

Video: The dairy industry skilled workforce experience and lessons from workforce development officers – Ruth Nettle (UoM) 11.18 minutes

Video: The Goulburn Murry fruit growing business internship program perspective – Brent Reeve/Peter Thompson (Jeftomson) 7.04 minutes

Event facilitated by RMCG