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Developing Growth Models for Irrigation Management Systems for Plums

Professor Luca Corelli Grappadelli, from university of Bologna (Italy) with Dr Mark O'Connell from Agriculture Victoria (Tatura), discuss the development of growth models for irrigation management systems for plums.

New scientific fruit grader at Tatura's New Research Harvest Facility (Agriculture Victoria).

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Horticulture

UAV-borne Infrared Thermography for Plant Water Stress

- an innovation seed funded project looking at rapid Detection of plant water stress.  

Researchers from Melbourne University and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, are working together to utilize the latest technology in plant stress detection for gains in agricultural production. 

Watch this space!!


DA-Meter - Measuring Stonefruit Maturity

Dr Dario Stefanelli is using a non-destructive device to determine 'optimal ripening protocols':  DA-Meter

Video Lecture: Pre and post-harvest management of fruit maturity and quality for market access of Stonefruit, a presentation by Dr Dario Steffanelli, Agriculture Victoria, at the Regional Innovation Forum - ‘Delivering innovation through the horticulture supply chain’ Horticulture Centre of Excellence, Tatura May 2016

Infrared thermography and UAV for rapid detection of plant water stress

Video Lecture: Dr Mark O’Connell discusses the Seed Innovation Fund (for Horticulture Development) project - Low cost infrared thermography and UAV for rapid detection of plant water stress. Horticulture Centre of Excellence, Tatura 13 April 2016


More videos from Innovation Seed Funds - for horticulture development - Videos of presentation


Regional Innovation Forum Videos of presentations

Regional Innovation Forum May 2016