Profitable Stonefruit

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Video: Introduction to the profitable stonefruit network - from production research, post harvest to export consumer testing.

Sales growth of summerfruit in Victoria is impeded by low consumer satisfaction with fruit quality, leading to low prices and static consumption which is threatening the survival of many producers.

DEDJTR, with the support of the stonefruit industry and Horticulture Innovation Australia, is investigating management practices that will dramatically increase productivity and grower returns through improved eating quality and consumer satisfaction.

The Profitable Stonefruit program consists of a series of experiments, analysis and trials: Select picture links below

  About the Field Laboratory                       Rootstock experiments                             Stonefruit maturity experiments


  Canopy cropload experiments                     Innovation in Stonefruit                             Overseas consumer research


  Photos of Tree growth over time               Irrigation experiments                                  Novel Planting Systems


A modern stonefruit research orchard has been established at DEDJTR-Tatura to investigate field management practices conducive to fruit quality outcomes consistent with consumer expectations. Long-term experiments will examine effects of crop load, rootstock and irrigation management and canopy training systems in peach, nectarine, plum and apricot. The agronomic studies will be supplemented by sensory research, consumer preference investigations and incorporate new non-destructive measurement technologies to monitor fruit quality along the supply chain.The field laboratory also provides a resource for future studies on integrated pest and disease management, harvest and post-harvest fruit quality, handling, packaging, storage shipping and retail steps and associated protocols in the supply chain. Furthermore, the laboratory offers a platform for industry engagement where growers can be informed of how production and handling practices can be used to meet consumer needs in local and export markets.


Post Harvest Performance


Stonefruit field laboratory plantings, Tatura DEDJTR, 2014

Fruit attributes of crop and cultivar types 

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Fruit attributes of crop and cultivar types 


Stonefruit Research Roadshow 2017


Stonefruit Research Roadshow 2016

Stonefruit Research Roadshow 

See crops - summerfruit 

AG Focus 2016  (see article on page 45):  Proving profitable produce

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Brown Rot Best Practice Booklet

Stonefruit field labs plantings  ...Stonefruit tree

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Figure 2. Rose bright tree height sections and scaffold compartments used in crop load experiment

Crop load and fruit position influence variability in nectarine quality

Consistent fruit size and high soluble solids concentration (SSC) in nectarines are important components of fruit quality and consumer acceptability.

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