The Stonefruit Field Laboratory Advisory Committee is made up of 11 members: researchers, industry representatives, and orchardists.



Mark O'Connell Project Leader Agriculture Victoria
Ian Goodwin Research Manager Agriculture Victoria
Bruce Tomkins Senior Technical Specialist, Horticulture Agriculture Victoria Member Summerfruit Australia
Martin Bluml Key Project Manager, Horticulture Agriculture Victoria
John Moore CEO Summerfruit Australia Limited
Adrian Conti Summerfruit Orchardist Deputy Chair Summerfruit Australia Ltd Board. Member Summerfruit Australia IAC

Kathryn Lee Program Manager HIA
Greg Murdoch Program Manager HIA

Rowan Little General Manager
Montague Fresh Member Summerfruit Australia IAC
Nick Paris Summerfruit Orchardist Local stonefruit grower representative
Jason Size Summerfruit Orchardist Member Summerfruit Australia Ltd Board. Manager Bookpurnong Fruits