Time series videos:  Demonstrations 1 - 6

Nectarine Ice Princess on Vase

Demonstration 1

Peach O'Henry on Palmette canopy

Demonstration 2

Peach O'Henry on Cordon canopy

Demonstration 3

Peach Snow Flame 23 on Palmette canopy

Demonstration 4

Peach Snow Flame 25 on Palmette canopy

Demonstration 5

Nectarine Autumn Bright on Palmette canopy

Demonstration 6

Two novel planting systems, Palmette and Cordon trellised trees, are being compared with traditional vase shaped trees that represent traditional grower practice.

Table 1.

Demo 1Demo 2Demo 3Demo 4Demo 5Demo 6
Nectarine cv. Ice PrincessPeach cv. O'HenryPeach cv. O'HenryPeach cv. Snow Flame 23Peach cv. Snow Flame 25Nectarine cv. August Bright
Vase tree training ^Palmette tree training*Cordon tree training*Palmette tree training*Palmette tree training*Palmette tree training*
1481 trees/ha926 trees/ha926 trees/ha926 trees/ha926 trees/ha926 trees/ha
Rootstock: NemaguardRootstock: NemaguardRootstock: NemaguardRootstock: NemaguardRootstock: NemaguardRootstock: Nemaguard
Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014

* Peach tree trellis demonstrations to develop tree shaping for mechanical pruning using tree training methods, Palmette and Cordon.

^ This demonstration trial has vase shaped trees representing traditional grower practice.