Several demonstration trials, showing novel planting systems, have been established for peach and nectarine.  These trials potentially offer canopy management systems for mechanical pruning and mechanical harvesting.



Palmette planting system

Cordon planting system

January 2015

Peach tree trellising experiment for mechanical pruning, January 2015

Dr Dario Stefanelli introduces the concept of training peach trees for mechanical pruning at the Stonefruit Field Laboratory at Tatura, Victoria.  January 2015

January 2016

Cordon versus Palmette stonefruit demonstration January 2016

Dr Mark O'Connell, from Agriculture Victoria, discusses the Cordon versus Palmette stonefruit demonstration site.  January 2016

Winter 2017

Palmette and Cordon Tree Demonstrations Winter 2017

Dr Mark O'Connell discusses Palmette and Cordon Tree Demonstrations at Tatura's Stonefruit Field Laboratory.   Winter 2017

Table 1. List of Demonstrations

Two novel planting systems, Palmette and Cordon trellised trees, are being compared with traditional vase shaped trees that represent traditional grower practice.

Demo 1Demo 2Demo 3Demo 4Demo 5Demo 6
Nectarine cv. Ice PrincessPeach cv. O'HenryPeach cv. O'HenryPeach cv. Snow Flame 23Peach cv. Snow Flame 25Nectarine cv. August Bright
Vase tree training ^Palmette tree training*Cordon tree training*Palmette tree training*Palmette tree training*Palmette tree training*
1481 trees/ha926 trees/ha926 trees/ha926 trees/ha926 trees/ha926 trees/ha
Rootstock: NemaguardRootstock: NemaguardRootstock: NemaguardRootstock: NemaguardRootstock: NemaguardRootstock: Nemaguard
Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014Planted winter 2014

* Peach tree trellis demonstrations to develop tree shaping for mechanical pruning using tree training methods, Palmette and Cordon.

^ This demonstration trial has vase shaped trees representing traditional grower practice.

Time series videos

Every few weeks photos were taken of each demonstration, and produced into a video to show the resulting growth of tree canopies and fruit development.

Time series videos demonstrations 1 to 6

Virtual Orchard Tour - A look at tree structures:  Palmette and Cordon

360 degree photos of tree structures in the stonefruit research orchard.

November 2018 - Fruit development

September 2018 - Flowering

Winter 2018 - Dormancy

Warning: this software uses a lot of data and may take time to load each panoramic (360 degree) view of the orchard.

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This research (SF13001 Rootstock and training system to optimize stone fruit bearing and growth; SF17006 Summerfruit Orchard Phase 2) was funded by Agriculture Victoria with co-investment from Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the Summerfruit levy and funds from the Australian Government.