The November 2017 HIN event, attended by 17 industry organisations, focussed on bio-sciences research at Agribio, Bundoora, networking with the Australasian Plant Pathology Society Victorian branch (APPS) and biosecurity at the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) at Tullamarine airport.

Presenters – details & topics

PresentersOrganisationsContact detailsTopic
Belinda Griffiths, Fiona ConstableAgriculture Overview

Con Skyllas,  Ayfer Kocak

Agriculture Victoria

Sample reception/ Post mortem room
Fiona ConstableAgriculture
Oscar Villata, John WeissAgriculture Victoria

Plant Pathology/PCN
Mallik Malipatil, Linda SemeraroAgriculture Victoria

Reference Collections
Paul Cunningham, Kevin Farrier, Mark Blacket, Mofakhar HossainAgriculture Victoria

Invertebrate Science
Candace ElliotAustralasian Plant Pathology Society Vic branch (APPS VIC)

Overview of APPS
Liz Morse-McNabbAgriculture Victoria

Mapping for biosecurity
Lucy MerrittAgriculture & market access
Andrew TomkinsDepartment of Agriculture and Water Resources

Overview – DAWR Tullamarine
Adam BroadleyDepartment of Agriculture and Water Resources

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Adrian DinsdaleDepartment of Agriculture and Water Resources

Pierce’s disease
   Crazy ants

Industry feedback

“Diagnostic capabilities at AgriBio & opportunity for future industry research and to work with universities and students were great to see”

“R&D projects relevant to some pests of concern in our industry”

“Networking with Plant Pathology Society opened new opportunities”

“Mapping-spatial data to expand our export registration system to incorporate this service”

“More information about market access and how it works – intricacies, data collection as Industry starting to look more at export”

Industry possible next steps

“Organise a quote to finger print specific fungal diseases”

“Elephant weevil is a problem in blueberries, citrus & grapes. The facilities they had at AgriBio for developing pheromones would be excellent to collaborate with in this program -  will contact AgriBio and talk about a joint project”

“Will be able to inform who/where to go for diagnostics”

“Contact Liz to send mapping info on my crop/industry”

“Knowing what is available to assist in preparing for market access/being able to pinpoint outbreaks”