Will investment in new red-blushed pear cultivars grown in 'modern' orchard management systems, yield higher and more stable returns compared to continued investment in European style pear varieties, such as Packham’s Triumph, grown in traditional low density systems?

This is the question being researched by DEDJTR, to complement the field research currently underway at the Pear Field Laboratory at Tatura. Three new blushed pears (the Coregeo cultivars ANP-0131, ANP-0118 and ANP-0534), with exceptional eating qualities, are being researched using ‘modern’ orchard management systems that are characterised by high-density plantings of compact trees that use water efficiently, fruit early in life, and produce consistent high yields of quality pears.

Agricultural Economist Kerry Stott discusses an Economic Analysis of new Blush Pear cultivars

Expected returns from the new red-blushed pear Deliza®


Source: APAL February 2017

In collaboration with Goulburn Valley pear growers, Agriculture Victoria researchers are conducting economic assessments of the new red-blushed pear ANP-0131 (Deliza®) to help growers determine how to grow it most profitably.

By Kerry Stott, Mark O’Connell, Ian Goodwin and Susanna Turpin.

High density early yielding orchards performance report by Kerry Stott, Senior research scientist

Video Lecture (14min 23 Sec) June 2016

High density, early yielding orchards: Performance report for Blush Pears, a presentation by Kerry Stott, Agriculture Victoria at the Regional Innovation Forum - ‘Delivering innovation through the horticulture supply chain’ Horticulture Centre of Excellence, Tatura May 2016.

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