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20 September 2012

A list of android, iphone, ipad and web applications that may be useful to those involved in mobile agriculture and technology.

These applications are from all over the world. Some may not be relevant to Australian conditions, but all are examples of what can be done and most are a useful source of national and international farming information.

Application topics range from weather, grains, livestock, irrigation, home gardens, dairy and horticulture. The comments/descriptions have been taken directly from the developers websites and some applications require accounts and other purchases. 

Please make your own decision about what is useful for you as being in this list does not constitute a recommendation. Come back to add your review to the message board below.

Things you may like to consider when evaluating an application are;
  1. Price (You get what you pay for)
  2. Downloads (How popular is it?)
  3. Reviews (On balance has it got good reviews)
  4. Advertising (Is it commercial or contain lots of product recommendations?)
  5. Data sources (Where does the data come from, Government, University, Commercial, unknown)
Add your app suggestions to the comments section below.

Horticulture Service Finder IconiOS: The Hort Service Finder application is provided to you as a free service to help, Australian horticultural growers find horticultural service providers close to them. This is a joint project between sixteen grower associations and the Department of Primary Industries in order to test the value of agricultural applications. Fruit, vine, vegetable, berry growers and more can connect with government and private agronomists, financial service providers and more.

Grass is the cheapest feed for your livestock. Measure and manage your grazing. Measure, record and manage your grazing platform with farmGRAZE for Android. Use this app to save money on unnecessary feed and fertilizer and save time on your farm.
Get CalcEWElator from Google Play
Android: Lambing or just losing count of all those sheep? Easily record them and see your lambing stats with the handy CalcEWElator.
Get Angus Mobile from itunes
iOS: The Angus Mobile app has been created by the American Angus Association and is designed for anyone with an interest in Angus Cattle.
Get MySci Pubs from itunes
iOS: Get the best knowledge with MySci Pubs app in the fields of agronomy, crop, and soil sciences. Search thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles. Access full text right on your device. American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America.
Get Agweb News from itunes iOS: Get the latest agribusiness news and advice with Agweb News. Read ag management news, farm business blogs and articles from one trusted source
Get gpsScout from itunes
iOS: gpsScout - A "PocketPAM" App for collecting crop scouting records for PAM Production Recording Software. Collect crop observations, pest and disease records and weed counts - then send your records back to PAM. Use the GPS option to geo-locate your inspection sites. The scouting missions will appear on your PAM Map as a layer of points linked to your crop monitoring records.
Get iPlanta calculator from itunes
iOS: The iPlanta calculator solves for the amount of pesticide, land, or plants based on the information provided. The user chooses to input either US or metric units, but the end calculations are given in both unit systems along with a timestamp and the ability to email the results with the touch of a button.
Get the Coopers Animal Health app on itunes
iOS: The Coopers Animal Health app brings you information about all of Coopers' leading animal health solutions on the go. The application is a condensed version of our website and provides detailed information about the entire Coopers Animal Health range, including the latest labels, MSDS and a range of product support material at your fingertips. Also, included is our Solution Finder to help you to determine the most suitable solution for any animal health problem.

Get FAO Forestry From itunesiOS: Learn all about forests and forestry in this FAO Forestry app produced by the Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. See photos and read interesting facts and videos about forests. Take a forestry quiz and make a difference to people who depend on forest by making an online donation!



Get the Crop Disease Application from the Google Play StoreAndroid: The DPI Crop Disease application provides quick access to current crop disease resistance ratings, in the paddock. Compare the resistance ratings of a number of crop varieties for different crop diseases. Compare disease symptoms with photographs. Explore detailed information on a particular crop variety. Map diseases, and share photographs with friends.



Get AgriNews on itunesiOS: The Illinois AgriNews and Indiana AgriNews editorial staff is in the field each week, covering topics that affect local farm families and their businesses. Some of the topics the staff reports on include crop and livestock management, agribusiness and new products, market information and national and state political issues.



Get Vector Sprays from itunesiOS: This Vector Sprays app provides users with a quick, easily searchable interface that returns droplet size data for the specified operational setup to evaluate a number of sprayers used to spray pest control products targeted insect vectors of human and animal diseases.



Get Aerial Sprays from the itunes storeiOS: The (USDA) Aerial Application Technology team has developed a Aerial Sprays app and series of computer models that easily allow applicators to predict the resulting spray droplet size parameters using their selected operational parameters.




Get Agri Marketing Mobile from itunesiOS: Agri Marketing Mobile features daily news of interest to agribusiness professionals, weather and commodity prices.




Get AgWired from itunesiOS: AgWired is the online community for everyone involved in agricultural marketing and communications. This includes farmers, ranchers, agribusiness, farm groups, ag media, freelancers and advertising and public relations agencies. Keep up with what's new in the world of agribusiness with the most comprehensive source of agrimarketing news and information you'll find on the web.


Get Fertility Improvement Profit Calculator from itunesiOS: Use the Fertility Improvement Profit Calculator to optimize the reproductive performance of your dairy cows and capture extra value. The Fertility Improvement Profit Calculator App, developed by DSM Nutritional Products, shows the potential financial benefits on your farm.



Get Rovimix Dairy Reproductive Efficiency Calculator on itunesiOS: Rovimix Dairy Reproductive Efficiency Calculator calculates various measures of reproductive efficiency (Average days in milk, Avg days open, Avg Calving Interval, % pregnant by 150 DIM) from user inputs.



Get Dairy Source on itunesiOS: Dairy Source provides real-time market reports. Includes milk futures, spot cheese, corn, crude oil, soybean prices. Industry news, weather, product details and tools to help you make sound business decisions for your dairy.




Get DairyWeb from iTunesiOS: Dairyweb has provided farm business data for Fonterra Australia dairy farmers via the web since 2002. Now we offer Fonterra Australia dairy farmers the same information through the convenience and portability of the iPhone and iPad platforms. Your business information is protected by the same username and password you currently use for the Dairyweb website. Android version also available.


Get Agri Business: World Trends, Markets and Reports from iTunesiOS: Agri Business: World Trends, Markets and Reports Holds 312 interactive visual reports to help you analyze and compare different global agricultural business commodities, tools and markets.




Get Agworld on itunesiOS: Agworld is a powerful cloud based data management system for the Agriculture industry featuring farm planning, document management, data capture tools, geo-spatial mapping, an industry information library & communications tools. requires an existing iPad enabled Agworld account.



Get Elders Weather on itunes iOS: Elders Weather from a leading Australian agribusiness, recognises how important it is to have accurate weather information updated on a regular basis. To help make your decisions easier Elders Weather is now available at your finger tips.



Get Dairy Global Business on itunesiOS: Use Dairy Global Business to Visualize, trend, track and compare global milk products trade, production and usage. Have friends whose statements about these topics doesn't sound right? Use the app to show them the real data.



Get iHerd on itunesiOS: iHerd has been designed to simplify the herd management process for station owners and managers around the world.




Get SAVE OUR CITRUS from itunesiOS: The SAVE OUR CITRUS app is a free mobile application from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that makes it easy to report and identify the four leading citrus diseases: citrus greening, citrus canker, citrus black spot and sweet orange scab. Report your symptoms, upload a photo and receive a response back from citrus experts.


Get Sprinkler Times on Google PlayAndroid: By answering basic questions about your yard, Sprinkler Times will provide a schedule for you to program into your existing sprinkler timer. Sprinkler Times uses your unique information to create a custom watering schedule to conserve water and save you money!



Get HydraWise on itunesiOS: An example of interrogation of an irrigation system controller and smartphone application. Control a HydraWise irrigation system(s) remotely using this app or using a web browser from anywhere in the world (note: internet access required).




Visit RainBird on itunesiOS This catalog provides useful irrigation information and tools including system layouts, product details and specifications of Rain Bird's landscape irrigation products. All the necessary information you need is provided to help you install, sell or design with the most reliable products in the industry while helping conserve water.



Visit Livestock Manager on Google PlayAndroid: The Livestock Manager App is for managing farm livestock data, full input and maintenance of flock book, medicine book and movement records.




Visit Livestock Counter on Google PlayAndroid: Reduce the risk of bad weather, distractions and full hands ruining your count with Livestock Counter! Counting livestock can be a frustrating task. Unfavorable weather, distractions and full hands are factors that can limit your ability to get an accurate job done in a timely manner. Livestock Counter Lite is a simple, easy-to-use tool designed to address these issues.


Visit Global Livestock on itunesiOS: Use Global Livestock to visualize, trend, track and compare livestock trade and reserves for a dozen animals. Including, Beehives, Buffaloes, Camels, Cattle, Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Fowls, Goats, Horses, Mules, Other Camelids, Other Rodents, Pigs, Sheep, Turkeys.



Visit Livestock Auction Calculator on Google PlayAndroid: Give yourself more time to inspect livestock and consider making a bid. Livestock Auction Calculator L (LACL) is designed to enhance purchasing at livestock auctions by reducing the time spent performing complex calculations. Consequently, you should have more time to inspect livestock and consider making a bid.



Visit Soil Test Pro on Google PlayAndroid: Soil Test Pro makes soil sampling for the farm easier than ever. Whether you are a farmer or just work in the agricultural field, by using Soil Test Pro, not only will you save money, but we think you'll do a better job sampling your fields, because after all, who knows them better than you.



Visit FarmPAD on Google PlayAndroid: Use FarmPAD to enter farm records, equipment service logs, spray records and take notes or pictures. Draw your field boundaries with GPS or by hand. Sync to your web account where you can print reports, review history and draw and print field maps. All your precision ag needs in one tool.



FieldView in itunes storeiOS: Extend the functionality of your 20/20 SeedSenseĀ® monitor with FieldView from Precision Planting. FieldView functions as a second display in your cab, so you can view real time, row by row maps of your planter's performance. Then, when planting is complete, simply remove the iPad from your cab and have all of your 20/20 data with you.



Visit MyTraps on itunes storeiOS: MyTraps. com is a platform to help growers reduce pesticide use. The MyTraps mobile app provides a way for growers to record pest data directly from the field.




Visit Fertilizer Cost Calculator on Google PlayAndroid: Fertilizer Cost Calculator, estimates the value of Nitrogen per unit of Phosphorus source, along with the cost per unit of P205 with or without the Nitrogen value. All based on your entered cost per bulk.



Visit the Grain Shrinkage Calculator on PlayAndroid: The Grain Shrinkage Calculator returns the results for the number of bushels after the moisture removal from field to storage for 7 common grains: Corn, Wheat, Soy Beans, Oats, Barley, Buckwheat, and Rye.



Click to visit Corn Yield Calculator on itunesiOS: Corn Yield Calculator, estimates the number of bushels produced in a given field, with no internet connection required! So NO more need to stop while in the field, you can figure out how many bushels you'll have on the go! Our apps are made by Farmers for Farmers...!



Click to visit the Corn Planting Calc on itunesiOS: A Corn Planting Calc application providing agriculture/farming community real time useful calculations for the planting of corn from specific inputs resulting in the correct spacing of the corn being planted.



PrecisionEarth IconiOS: PrecisionEarth is an application for quickly collecting field boundaries and GPS located grid, zone/region, and field soil samples overlain on rasters and in the field on iPads and iPhones.




Nutrient Removal AppiOS: Nutrient Removal App allows users to choose a crop to view the amount of nutrients removed from the field at harvest. US application that includes Broadacre and Horticultural crops.




Farm ContractoriOS: Farm Contractor is designed to help agricultural contractors record client and job details. It allows contractors to record full details of their procedures and email them back to the home or office to be invoiced. With more than 25 job types including Baling, Equipment Hire, Harvesting, Mulching, Mustering, Shearing, Spraying and Windrowing, this app allows you to throw away your pen and paper and reach for your iPhone.


Farm ManageriOS: Farm Manager is an app designed by a farmer for farmers. It allows farmers to record cropping, livestock, and machinery procedures, and access this information with ease.




YieldCheck iOS: YieldCheck by Precision Planting Inc. provides growers with a simple way to calculate and store corn yield estimates. Users can organize estimates based on client, farm, and field. Also see the location of all of your estimates on a map with satellite imagery.



Speed Scouting iOS: Speed Scouting is a different way to determine if soybean aphids have reached the 250 aphids per plant threshold. It relies on the number of "infested" plants. Plants are considered "infested" if there are 40 or more aphids on that sample.



Weed ID iOS: Based on the acclaimed Encyclopaedia of Arable Weeds and developed in association with ADAS, the BASF Weed ID App aims to provide an easy to use reference guide to the major broad-leaved weeds and grass-weeds in the UK supporting weed identification of 140 species.



GRDC Weed IDiOS: This GRDC Weed ID application is designed to be used in the paddock by growers to assist in identifying the most common, annual, biennial and perennials weeds in Southern Australia. Where possible photographs have been provided of the weed at various growth stages to ensure correct identification.



Pest Genie Mobile iOS: Pest Genie Mobile provides you with a great way to access your Pest Genie Plus account. The Pest Genie Mobile App is designed specifically for your iOS app so that it's easy to use. The application is a condensed version of our the Pest Genie Plus website and provides detailed information about pesticides and animal health products including the latest labels, MSDS and a range of product support material at your fingertips. Requires login


iCropTrack ApplicationiOS: iCropTrack Application is part of an integrated agronomy service from the US, included in this list as an example of what can be done. Track crop quality, estimated yield, pests, diseases, spray recording, food safety inspections, farm labor, material and equipment use. Use detailed work orders to specify spray tank mixes. Document labor allocation using an intuitive time keeping interface. Prepare budgets and establish annual farm operations plans.

US Soil Web ApplicationiOS: An example of what can be done with large caches of data in this US Soil Web Application which is GPS based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data, formatted for the iPhone. This application retrieves graphical summaries of soil types associated with the iPhone's current geographic location, based on a user defined horizontal precision.


Oz Weather Application Icon

For iOS the OzWeather application provides frequently updated weather forecasts, observations and radar loops from official Australian Bureau of Meteorology sources. Also Available in Android




Plant Doc Application Icon

For iOS this simple Application for home gardeners with pot plants. Simply scroll through a list of the 32 most common symptoms of plant distress and select the symptoms your plant is showing. The Plant Doctor Application will tell you what to do. Recommended for home gardeners.


Weatherzone Plus thumbnail imageThis iOS application is for serious weather watchers, who rely on weather for work or play, Weatherzone Plus+ gives you all the free app features plus more. These include 3 hourly forecasts, graphs of forecast temperatures over the next 48 hours and more detailed rain forecasts. You can also store unlimited favourites for rapid access. Also available in Android.


Agro App allows Agronomists to create and email paddock/field inspection reports whilst on the farm and have it distributed there and then.iOS Agro App allows Agronomists to create and email paddock/field inspection reports whilst on the farm and have it distributed there and then.




Spray App IconiOS Whether you're owner operator, contractor or a large corporation Spray App will streamline information from the Paddock/field back to the office instantly.




Yates Garden Problem Solver App Icon

Even though the iOS Yates Garden Problem Solver App for iPad and iPhone is a commercial application for home gardeners the high quality images of common fruit and vegetable pests and diseases could make it useful for some commercial growers as well.



Grow Your Own application IconiOS: The Grow Your Own application from the Royal Horticultural Society is designed to help you choose and grow fruit and vegetables. The base application is free and covers the 20 most popular varieties of fruit and veg. Within the application itself you can buy additional content bundles. For home gardeners but the quality is good enough to still of some use to commercial growers.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) App IconiOS: From the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Website. Its a process for sustaining healthy landscapes that uses a combination of techniques to suppress pests in an effective, economical, and environmentally sound manner.



IPM ToolKit IconiOS: This IPM ToolKit app allows you to read news articles, view videos, download publications, and access pictures which will aid you in adapting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to your agricultural operation. IPM is a sustainable approach that helps farmers combine the use of pest prevention, avoidance, monitoring and pest suppression strategies, minimizing economic, health, and environmental risks.


 Tank Mix Guide App IconiOS: The Yara Tank Mix Guide is a database of the results containing thousands of individual two-way or multi-component tank mix tests of YaraVitaT products with other spray materials




DuPont TankMix Calculator Application IconiOS: The DuPont TankMix Calculator Application allows you to easily calculate the amount of product you will need to treat a specific field area, the amount of product you need to apply to a specific tank size, the amount of water you'll need to treat a specific field area or the amount of product you need to get the desired Volume to Volume ratio.


Tank Mix Calc IconiOS: From the Website: This US Tank Mix Calc application is provided free for any farmer to use on their mobile device to quickly and easily generate a tank mix. Just enter your area, tank size, and carrier volume. Tank Mix Calculator will then provide you with the number of loads required to spray your area, along with full and partial load mixes of the chemicals you selected.



Get FarmHaelp on Google Play
Android: FarmHelp is an app that has a packs of information for inexperienced farmers or small landholders. The First information pack is free. has received mixed reviews with between 100 and 500 installs. 

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