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Profitable Stonefruit

DEDJTR, with the support of the stonefruit industry and Horticulture Innovation Australia, is investigating management practices that will dramatically increase productivity and grower returns through improved eating quality and consumer satisfaction.

Profitable stonefruit

Profitable Pears

The objective of the Profitable Pears project is to develop orchard management systems for the new pear varieties to maximise productivity 3 – 4 years after planting and sustain high yields of consistent quality fruit.

Profitable Pears

Skilled Workforce Solutions for Horticulture


Information obtained at a workshop with the purpose to build a skilled workforce that meets the industry’s current and future needs in the Goulburn Broken region.

Apple and Pear Asian Export Market Development 2012 - 2015

This project focused on improving industry export capability through collaborative exporting, coordinated marketing programs, reputation building for Australian apples and pears, coupled with a cultural change that embraced export and an improved understanding of technical and market access issues.

Apple & Pear Asian Export Market Development

Apple & pear production in a changing climate

Apple and pear production is vulnerable to climate change and research is underway to help understand the affects and find ways to reduce any negative impacts.

Apple & pear production in a changing climate

Winter chill and fruit trees

Accumulation of winter chill to break dormancy is largely a temperature dependent process. The relationship of different temperatures and temperature regimes to dormancy breaking are varietal-specific but there are some general aspects.

Winter Chill and Fruit Trees

Centre for Expertise in Smoke Taint Research

The Centre for Expertise in Smoke Taint Research is a national collaboration that aims to find solutions for the wine industry and fire and land managers.

Centre for Smoke Taint Research

Horticulture Centre of Excellence

Horticulture Centre of Excellence seeks to become  a critical partner in the transformation of the Victorian horticulture industry into a more profitable, business-like and export focussed sector through the sharing of knowledge and the integration of research development and extension.

Horticulture Centre of Excellence