Research Scientist - Plant production science

Horticulture Production Sciences

Type of Research / Topics:

  • Investigating the interactions between scion and rootstock with respect to fertiliser use in early establishment almond orchards
  • Future nut orchard establishment for sustainable production – higher density plantings and the suitability of new almond varieties and dwarfing rootstocks.

Relevant experience:

  • 12 years of research, project management and industry experience in perennial horticulture.
  • Research focused on quantifying the magnitude of soil evaporation within viticultural soils in the MIA, the development of a proximal method for the determination of soil evaporation through soil surface temperature and involvement in irrigation projects in Iraq.
  • 5 years industry experience as technical officer and irrigation manager for a large-scale mixed horticulture production farm. This included facilitating research conducted by various institutions (DAFF, CSIRO, NSW DPI and Agriculture Victoria) on avocadoes, citrus and wine grapes.
  • PhD in Irrigation and water relations (full CRC for Irrigation Futures scholarship, based at CSIRO, Griffith) – The nature, impact and implications of soil evaporation in vineyards for irrigation efficiency and management.
  • 9 publications in irrigation and agronomy within perennial horticulture.