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Current Issues:


It's conference time for Hazelnut growers!

Hazelnut Growers of Australia proudly presents the 2014 Conference and AGM on the 18 & 19th October 2014....  

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Detection of blueberry rust in Victoria

A detection of blueberry rust (Thekopsora minima)has been made in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

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ChemFree Weed management workshop

The Weed's Network (TWN) is hosting a day long workshop on chemical free weed management to learn about proven approaches to weed management without chemical input.

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Pink lady apples

Water deficits and apple productivity

This information note sets out the apple response functions to water deficits and crop load (by Ian Goodwin, Mark O’Connell and Dario Stefanelli, Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia).

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Apples & pears

Efficient irrigation in apple and pear orchards

This information note sets out protocols to estimate and manage tree transpiration, understorey evapotranspiration from the wetting pattern and the water holding capacity of the soil so that irrigation efficiency is maximised (by Ian Goodwin, Mark O’Connell and Lexie McClymont, Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia)

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