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This is a recorded webinar of Statewide workshop on Workforce Planning held in August 2021. The workshop aims to provide tools and support growers to better plan their seasonal workforce ahead of harvest.
Workshop focus:
  • Workforce planning
  • Attracting staff
  • Retaining and managing employees

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Webinar recording: Workforce planning for your next harvest

Workforce Planning For Your Next Harvest. Recording from online workshop, held September 2021

Video chapters

00:00 Introduction Aimee McCutcheon, Statewide Seasonal Workforce Coordinator, Agriculture Victoria

10:09 Presentation - Workforce Planning For Your Next Harvest Ben Reeve from Meridian Agriculture

17:42 Section 1: Workforce planning

31:34 Section 2: Attracting Staff

  • 36:05 Model: The expectation gap
  • 48:10 Considering people - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • 54.25 Job Satisfaction - statistics

57:03 Section 3: Retaining and Managing Employees

  • 1:02:34 Reviewing performance
  • 1:06:41 A process to manage conflict
  • 1:11:38 Important tool for employers
  • 1:13:21 Self reflection / HR Checklist

1:14:55 Where to from here?


HR Workbook

Download the HR workbook for this grower workshop (Word Document).


  • Workforce Planning and HR strategies for your next harvest
  • Section One: Business Background and HR Overview
  • Section Two: HR Skills Audit
  • Section Three: Workforce Planning
  • Section Four: Key Partnerships
  • Section Five: Attracting staff
  • Section Six: Retaining Staff
  • Section Seven: Human Resources SWOT Analysis
  • Section Eight: Goal Setting
  • Action Plan
  • Section Nine: Action Plan Template
  • Section Ten: For the Future
Workshop slides: Business Workforce Planning for Victorian Horticultural Businesses - Grower Workshop

Download PDF in new window (Note: this document does not meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines)

Further information

Harvest resources - Agriculture Victoria

  • How to get a harvest job
  • Summer Seasonal Harvest Sign-on Bonus
  • Free harvest work training
  • Finding workers for your business
  • Support for your business
  • Sign-on bonus - languages other than English

Speak to a Seasonal Workforce Coordinator

If you need assistance finding seasonal workers, would like to apply for a Sign-on Bonus or need other business support this harvest season, fill out the online form. One of our Seasonal Workforce Coordinators will contact you.

Online form: speak to a seasonal workforce coordinator


This workshop is brought to you by the Big Victorian Harvest campaign

The Victorian Government has invested more than $67 million as part of its Agriculture Workforce Plan to assist Victoria’s horticulture industry navigate the uncertainties created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Big Victorian Harvest campaign forms a key part of that program of work with the aim of attracting and securing local and international seasonal workers as well as assisting agriculture businesses and communities.

As the Victorian horticulture industry transitions to living with COVID, the Victorian government’s support continues to focus on building capacity within the industry to ensure businesses more effectively and self-sufficiently manage their harvest workforce needs.

For support for your business, go to the Big Victorian Harvest.

This program is brought to you by Agriculture Victoria and Meridian Agriculture with funding from the Victorian Government.