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Grants that may suit your Food and Fibre Industries

| Author(s): Mark Hincksman

Are you aware of the grants available to food and fibre industries in Victoria? There are a number of grants available through Business Victoria to assist the Food and Beverage Industries. There are also grants for Trade Engagement, Trade Fairs & Missions, and to establish export markets in key countries and regions.

Food & Fibre Marketing Cooperatives Grant, Round 2

| Author(s): Mark Hincksman

The Food and Fibre Marketing Cooperatives Initiative 'Round Two' is now in its second year of providing grants to encourage co-operation between farmers and value chain members to increase their collective capability to generate improved access to markets and customers.

The drumMUSTER Program

drumMUSTER provides Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a recycling pathway for eligible empty agvet chemical containers.

Fertcare: What’s It All About?

The Fertcare Brand provides a nationally recognized image for best practice fertilizer supply, advice and contract application.

Soils Community of Practice - 02 April 2013

A couple of important documents were released this week. The first is the Strategic Directions document that will guide investment in the Sustainable Agriculture stream of Caring for our Country. The second is the annual Winter Crop Summary produced by staff of the grains team.

Soils Community of Practice - 19 March 2013

The local news this week brings two stories from the West Gippsland CMA’s Soil Directory.