Western Port Biosphere Water Stewardship

Posted 13 February 2017 8:50am by Mark Hincksman

The Western Port Biosphere, together with regional partners, operates a water stewardship project helping landholders, businesses and organisations to better manage water within their site and contribute to improved catchment conditions. Water is a vital part of life, but while most of us take it for granted, it’s an increasingly scarce resource.

Water stewardship is a form of water management on properties that aims to achieve good water quality, sustainable water balance, healthy ecology and water security of local waterways.


The Biosphere’s Water Stewardship Program assists landholders, businesses and organisations to be good corporate citizens by helping them to mitigate potential direct risk to local waterways. There are significant benefits to being a water steward including:

·         cost savings through more efficient water and fertiliser management;

·         a more secure water future;

·         recognition of good practice through a documented site water stewardship plan to identify and address site issues;

·         external accreditation as a water steward;

·         the potential for funding for on-site works; and

·         specialist training from the Biosphere and the Alliance for Water Stewardship

The non-profit Biosphere Foundation actively works with local, state and federal government authorities, environmental and community groups and non-government organisations to create a better future – environmentally, socially and economically - for the Western Port Biosphere Reserve, comprising the local government areas of Bass Coast, Cardinia, Casey, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula, and French Island.


If you would like to know more, or to arrange a meeting, please contact Lance Lloyd on 0412 007 997 or lancel@biosphere.org.au.


Further information about water stewardship is provided in the attached brochure or visit our website: www.biosphere.org.au/biosphere-projects/water-stewardship.

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