Horticulture Centre of Excellence


The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources' (DEDJTR) Horticulture Centre of Excellence seeks to become  a critical partner in the transformation of the Victorian horticulture industry into a more profitable, business-like and export focussed sector through the sharing of knowledge and the integration of research development and extension.

Our mission is to develop "A vibrant Centre that connects, innovates and drives industry adoption of world class market-driven research and sustainable business practices".

The Horticulture Centre of Excellence seeks to :

  • create a hub of interacting industry, science, business and grower stakeholders through the development of an ongoing calendar of creative and well targeted events and forums;
  • increase the connectedness of the centre to markets and to best practice international horticultural science through the hosting of visiting scientists and foreign buyer delegations;
  • establish a reputation in industry driven horticulture RD &E through partnering with appropriate industry associations and research providers and through the cross fertilisation of ideas with field and laboratory research, production and cold chain science; and
  • support a more sustainable and confident industry with greater control over its future and the capacity and opportunity to increase its contribution to the regional community through well targeted professional development and training opportunities.

Regional Innovation Forum 18th May 2016 

Regional Innovation Forum Videos of presentations now available

Regional Innovation Forum May 2016


Mildura horticulture champion wins Food Source scholarship

by Mark Hincksman

Victorian horticulture industry champion Rowena Norris has been awarded a $25,000 Food Source Victoria scholarship to further her expertise in exporting to Asia, New Zealand and the United States.

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The Very Fast Break

by Mark Hincksman

Seasonal Climate Update for Victoria April 2017

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Growers to be on alert for Tomato Potato Psyllid

by Mark Hincksman

Victorian horticulturists are being urged to implement best practice biosecurity measures following outbreaks of Tomato Potato Psyllid (TPP) in Western Australia.

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