Current Issue: Recovery from Hail Damage in Grapevines


Recovery From Hail Damage in Grapevines

It is important to inspect damage to plants as soon as possible after a hail event as the level of damage can be obscured by subsequent growth.

Depending on the timing of the event, hail can impact on the foliage, flowers, stems, canes and fruit in various ways.

Hail damage fact sheet:

Article (Peter R Dry):

HAIL Recovery Information Pack - Dried Fruits Australia

Key messages – canopy management

* The 2018 crop is produced in the buds present between mid-November to first week of December.

* Build up as much reserves in the leaves that are left to build up the crop for next season.

* Hard pruning/cutting back now may drain reserves for next year’s crop and will cause new growth which may not be fruitful in 2018.

See PDF - Hail Recovery Information Pack